Baby Shower Gifts

    Baby showers are all about anticipation and joy for the new arrival, and at FoxE Baby, we understand that every gift counts. If you’re looking for a baby shower gift bag, dive into our collection and discover our tailor-made newborn hampers for 2023. Each one features daily essentials like durable bib packs and baby socks, not to mention our much-loved Baby Fox cuddly toy.

    A tribute to this special year can be found in our Born In 2023 sets and, for those with a touch of tradition in mind, our Chinese Year of the Rabbit collection stands out. Every item reflects careful thought, catering to the comfort of the baby while offering a touch of style and personality. After all, it's those unique, little things that parents and babies will remember most from their first year together.

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    Born in 2024 gift set - FoxE Baby
    Born in 2024 gift set - FoxE Baby
    Born in 2024 gift set
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    Baby Bibs 3 pack - FoxE Baby
    blue Baby Bibs / drool cloths 3 pack - FoxE Baby.
    Baby Bibs 3 pack
    Baby Fox cuddly toy - FoxE Baby
    Cute little boy waving his arms in the air , wearing a Fox baby bib and sitting with a soft fox cuddle toy.
    Baby Fox cuddly toy
    Born in 2023 4 pack of pink baby bibs & Drool cloths - FoxE Baby
    Born in 2023 4 pack of baby bibs & Drool cloths - FoxE Baby
    Born in 2023 4 pack of baby bibs & Drool cloths
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    Chinese Year of the Rabbit gift set including a Year of the Rabbit bib, beanie, and a cuddly toy rabbit. - FoxE Baby
    Chinese Year of the Rabbit gift set - FoxE Baby
    Chinese Year of the Rabbit gift set
    Born In 2023, a blue 4 pack of soft modal cotton socks - FoxE Baby.
    Born In 2023, 4 pack of soft modal cotton socks - FoxE Baby
    Born In 2023, 4 pack of soft modal cotton socks
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    Chinese Year of the Rabbit Bib and Beanie set - FoxE Baby
    Chinese Year of the Rabbit Bib and Beanie set - FoxE Baby
    Chinese Year of the Rabbit Bib and Beanie set
    Born in 2023 boxed gift set - FoxE Baby
    Born in 2023 boxed gift set

    Baby Shower Gifts FAQs

    - What's a suitable gift for a gender-neutral baby shower?

    Gender-neutral gifts like a soft baby blanket, diaper cake, or a neutral-colored onesie are great choices.

    - Can I gift a baby book even if it's not on the registry?

    Absolutely, gifting a baby book with a personal message is a thoughtful and cherished gift.

    - What's the etiquette for bringing multiple baby shower gifts?

    You can bring multiple smaller gifts or one larger gift, depending on your preference and budget.

    - Is it okay to regift baby items if they are in good condition?

    It's generally acceptable to regift baby items as long as they are in excellent condition and are appropriate for the occasion.

    - Should I consider the baby's due date when choosing a gift?

    It's a good idea to choose a gift based on the baby's due date, as this can help the parents prepare for the specific season.

    - Can I give personalized gifts like monogrammed baby clothes?

    Personalized gifts like monogrammed items or engraved baby jewelry can add a special touch to your gift.

    - What's an appropriate gift for a second or subsequent baby shower?

    For subsequent baby showers, consider practical items or gifts that can be used by the parents or the older siblings.

    - Can I gift a baby keepsake item like a memory book or footprint kit?

    Absolutely, keepsake items are wonderful gifts that help the parents create and cherish memories.

    - Should I consider the parents' lifestyle when choosing a gift?

    Yes, taking into account the parents' lifestyle can help you select gifts that will be more useful and appreciated.

    - Can I give a gift card to a baby store if I'm unsure about their preferences?

    Yes, a gift card to a reputable baby store allows the parents to choose what they need most.

    - Is it appropriate to bring a sibling gift for an older brother or sister?

    Yes, bringing a small gift for the older sibling can help them feel included and excited about the new baby.

    - Are handmade baby gifts like quilts or knitted items well-received?

    Handmade baby gifts can be incredibly meaningful and are often treasured by the parents.

    - Can I give a gift for the parents, like a spa voucher or restaurant gift card?

    Gifts for the parents, such as relaxation or dining experiences, are thoughtful and show your consideration for their well-being.

    - What's a creative gift wrapping idea for a baby shower gift?

    Consider using baby-themed wrapping paper or a gift bag with cute baby motifs to make your gift even more special.

    - Is it okay to ask the parents or host about their gift preferences?

    Yes, if you're unsure, it's perfectly fine to inquire about their preferences or check if they have a registry.

    - Can I bring a gift for the baby's nursery decor?

    Yes, nursery decor items like wall art, mobiles, or baby bedding sets can be lovely additions to the baby's room.

    - Should I remove price tags from gifts before the baby shower?

    It's a good practice to remove price tags from gifts, as it adds a more personal touch to your present.

    - What's a thoughtful add-on to a baby shower gift, besides the main gift?

    Including a heartfelt card with your best wishes or a small bouquet of fresh flowers can be a lovely touch.

    - Can I contribute to a group gift with other guests?

    Absolutely, contributing to a group gift is a great way to pool resources for a larger, more significant gift.

    - What's a classic, timeless baby shower gift that's always appreciated?

    Classic gifts like a soft plush toy, a baby bath set, or a diaper bag are always well-received and practical.

    - Do you ship baby shower gifts to the USA, Canada, UK and other countries?

    Yes, at FoxeBaby Australia, we offer international shipping for our wide range of baby shower gifts, including to the USA, Canada, the UK, and many other countries. We're thrilled to help you send thoughtful and quality gifts to your loved ones abroad. Please visit our website or contact our customer support for specific details on shipping options, rates, and delivery times to your desired international destination.