Our Story

From Personal Joy to Cherished Newborn

The magic of a baby's arrival is
unparalleled; it’s a symbol of love, hope, and new beginnings. At FoxE, this
magic is deeply personal and serves as the inspiration for all our creations.
Every piece in our collection carries a tale or an intimate memory of our
journey, translated into treasures that celebrate life's most precious moments.

In our early days, as we searched for
unique baby shower gifts, we were struck by a common theme: many offerings felt
impersonal, more like a routine gesture than a meaningful token of love. We
envisioned something different. We wanted to offer gifts that weren't just
products but pieces of heart, wrapped in the warm embrace of memories, stories
and genuine care.

Our newborn gifts are an embodiment
of that vision. From the playful designs to the delicate stitches, each item is
a labour of love, crafted with utmost precision and dedication. Whether you're
looking for a cute baby bib, sumptuously soft socks or one of our curated
newborn gift sets, you'll find more than just a product. You'll find a story, a
sentiment, a touch of our own experiences blended with universal emotions of
joy, anticipation, and profound love.

FoxE is all about sharing a piece of
our world with yours. We remember the euphoria of holding our children for the
first time, the sheer happiness radiating from their tiny faces, and the warmth
of their little hands. Through our evolving product range, we aspire to share
that same joy with every parent, every relative and every friend celebrating a
new arrival.

Our family (and business) beliefs.

We are always aware of minimising our impact on the environment, and that we give back to our community.

We support UNICEF and their vision for "A better world for children and young people, no matter what". We make a AUD1. donation to UNICEF Australia for every sale we make. For more information on the work that UNICEF do check them out at unicef.org.au

Product Care.

Our Born in 2018-2023 baby bibs, socks and beanies, are hand made with 100% cotton. We recommend following the manufactures care instructions to keep our products looking tip top.

We realise hand washing isn’t something parents of babies and infants have time for, so we’ve tested washing our products on a delicate cold water cycle with a gentle detergent in a delicates bag, and we’ve seen no colour or shape changes washing this way.

Foxe Baby GIfts


Our four pack of Born In 2023 socks will have them crawling around in style all year long. Made from the softest of modal cotton, these socks are as comfortable as it gets.

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Announce the newborn's arrival in style with this Bib, Beanie, and Socks gift set, Born In 2023! This unique keepsake, this quality set is sure to make a lasting impression. Go ahead, you deserve a pat on the back!

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Welcome the lucky little ones born in 2023, the Chinese Year of the Rabbit! Give them this delightful gift set and wish them Good Fortune, Luck, Prosperity, Longevity, Love, Happiness, Affection, and more! Included is a snuggly soft & cuddly toy rabbit, a bib and beanie made of 100% cotton - perfect for the quiet, elegant, kind and responsible bub!

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