Bibs and Drool cloths

    Navigating the messy journey of meals and teething becomes a bit more stylish with FoxE Baby's curated collection of baby bibs and drool cloths. The cherished memories of our 'Born In’ collections or our handy multi-packs, our Drool Cloths come in vibrant hues like pink, blue, yellow, and grey.

     Suitable for both baby girls and boys, our pieces are designed to merge utility with a sprinkle of nostalgic charm. Looking to jazz up your baby's ensemble? Discover our Baby Bibs 3 Pack coming in a variety of colors ready to make a statement at mealtimes. Crafted from fabrics renowned for their absorbency, FoxE Baby ensures your little star remains dry, comfy, and ready for the next adventure.

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    Born in 2024 gift set - FoxE Baby
    Born in 2024 gift set - FoxE Baby
    Born in 2024 gift set
    Our Fox logo FoxE baby bib / drool cloth.
    Fox bib / drool cloth - FoxE Baby
    Fox bib / drool cloth
    Born in 2023 4 pack of pink baby bibs & Drool cloths - FoxE Baby
    Born in 2023 4 pack of baby bibs & Drool cloths - FoxE Baby
    Born in 2023 4 pack of baby bibs & Drool cloths
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    Baby Bibs 3 pack - FoxE Baby
    blue Baby Bibs / drool cloths 3 pack - FoxE Baby.
    Baby Bibs 3 pack

    Baby Bibs FAQs

    - When should I start using baby bibs?

    You can start using bibs when your baby begins to drool or when they start eating solid foods, typically around 4-6 months.

    - What types of baby bibs are available?

    There are different types, including snap-closure bibs, Velcro-closure bibs, and over-the-head bibs. Some are designed for feeding, while others are primarily for drooling.

    - What material is best for baby bibs?

    Cotton and organic cotton are popular choices due to their softness and breathability. Waterproof or silicone bibs are great for messy eating.

    - How do I clean baby bibs?

    Most bibs are machine washable. Be sure to check the care instructions on the label. Stain pre-treatment can help with stubborn food stains.

    - What are bandana bibs, and when are they used?

    Bandana bibs are stylish triangular-shaped bibs often used as a fashion accessory while protecting against drool. They are ideal for teething babies and can be worn all day.

    - How many bibs do I need?

    Having 6-10 bibs on hand is a good starting point. You'll need more if your baby is a heavy drooler or if you want to minimize laundry frequency.

    - What's the difference between bibs and drool cloths?

    Bibs are worn around the baby's neck and protect clothing during feeding and drooling. Drool cloths are larger, typically square or rectangular, and are placed on the shoulder or lap to catch spit-up or drool.

    - When should I use drool cloths?

    You can use drool cloths from birth. They are especially handy for burping and comforting a baby who spits up frequently.

    - What materials are best for drool cloths?

    Soft and absorbent materials like flannel, muslin, or terry cloth are commonly used for drool cloths. They should be gentle on your baby's skin.

    - How do I clean drool cloths?

    Most drool cloths are machine washable. Make sure to follow the care instructions on the cloth's label. Using a gentle detergent is often a good choice.

    - Can I use drool cloths as baby blankets?

    While drool cloths are designed to be compact and absorbent, they are generally not suitable for use as baby blankets. Baby blankets are larger and provide more warmth.

    - Are there special drool cloths for teething babies?

    Some drool cloths come with teething attachments like chewable corners or textured surfaces to soothe teething discomfort.

    - Do you have bibs and drool cloths for babies born in 2022, 2023, 2024, and other years?

    Absolutely! At FoxeBaby Australia, we offer a delightful selection of baby bibs and drool cloths suitable for babies born in 2022, 2023, 2024, and any other birth year. Our collection features a variety of styles, materials, and designs to cater to your baby's needs, whether it's for mealtime mess or teething drool. We prioritize quality, comfort, and style to keep your little ones clean and cozy, regardless of their birth year. Feel free to explore our range to find the perfect bibs and drool cloths to keep your baby comfortable and stylish.